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    highly specialised

    Our profound specialisation in the following areas of law enables us to provide you with the best possible assistance. From advice to negotiating and drafting contracts and from defining the legal strategy to protecting your interests in and out of court. Moreover, we are the only lawyers in Belgium, who consciously specialise in sustainable contracts - the most durable form of contractual relations. 


    Starks: if the best is your minimum standard.


    Intellectual property rights


    • Copyright, databases & neighbouring rights
    • Trademarks and trade names
    • Designs and models
    • Licence agreements
    • Copyright contracts (publishing agreements, performance contracts, audiovisual productions, etc.)
    • Protection of software
    • Trade secrets
    • Domain names
    • Protection of privacy
    • Portrait rights and the right to an image
    • Internet and information technology
    • ICT and media law
    • Procedural (seizure of counterfeit goods, injunction procedures, proceedings on the merits)
    • Fiscality (innovation deduction, copyright in income tax).

    (International) trade relations


    • Sustainable contracts
    • Advice on exporting - importing and export-import assistance
    • General terms and conditions and invoices
    • GDPR compliance
    • E-commerce (webshops)
    • Competition law and non-compete agreements
    • Concession (distribution)
    • Purchase - sale agreements
    • Establishment of joint ventures (incl. legal due diligence)
    • Commercial rent
    • Product liability, product safety and labelling
    • (Unfair) commercial practices
    • Consumer protection
    • Other commercial cooperation agreements.
    Do you want to be informed about the changes that are relevant to your company?

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